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Swift Stroke Mode Event

Date Sep 05, 2012 Views 10,630
Sep 05, 2012 00:00 ~ Sep 18, 2012 22:00
Hello Golfers,

Starting after the maintenance on 9/04/12, Swift Stroke Mode will be giving 30% more EXP than before.
This Event will be on-going until the next server maintenance on, 9/18/12, 10:00 PM server time.

Swift Stroke Mode is a faster version of the Stroke Mode and it will let you and your fellow golfers to finish the rounding much faster than the normal Stroke Mode.

This is a new Event we are starting to have, so we would love to get some feedback from you guys during the next 2 weeks.

Tell us what you like and don't like about it and we will do our best to make necessary changes to improve the event in the future.

We are also planning to have similar events for other game modes, so don't be stressed if you do not like playing the Swift Stroke Mode.

That's it folks! Simply play Swift Stroke Mode and get 30% bonus EXP! = ] 

Below are the details of our Swift Stroke Mode event.

When does it start? - Right after the maintenance on 9/04/12

When does it end? - 9/18/12, at 10:00 PM server time.

What is this event? - Playing Swift Stroke Mode on ANY course will give 30% EXP until our next server maintenance. (9/18/12, 10:00 PM server time)

You don't like the event? = [ - Send us a DQ&A and let us know why you weren't able to enjoy this event.

You like the event? = ] - Send us a DQ&A and let us know why you enjoy the event. 

**Note** - To balance out the EXP & NG amount given, we had to reduce the NG for playing Swift Stroke mode by 30%.
(After discussing this issue internally, we had to reduce the NG amount. Once we get the players' feedback, we hope to undo the NG reduction or even raise the NG amount for our future "Game Mode Events")

Hope everyone plays tons of Swift Stroke Mode for the next 2 weeks and get lots of bonus EXP from doing so!
Don't forget to give us your feedback so we can improve our future "Game Mode Events".

Thank you as always and please ENJOY! yes

Shot Online Team