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Fashion Box V Related Events!

Date Aug 16, 2012 Views 3,740
Aug 16, 2012 11:00 ~ Aug 21, 2012 15:00
>> Fashion Box V Open Event Details <<
How it works:
Each player account will be tracked and each Fashion Box V item that is opened by any player on the account will be tallied for each server. This event only applies to and tracks stats for the new item, other box versions are not being counted toward your total. However, it does not matter where you gained the box from so regardless of whether they're bought from the Item Mall, the Auction House, or from another player directly, they will still count toward your total if they are opened on your account. 
Want to learn more about the Fashion Box V? Click HERE! 

If you would like to combine the new clothes, please visit NPC Fricka located in the square. 
(Please see the map below)
31~40 Boxes open = Summer Beach Costume A_1000, Zodiac Pin II 500 (Tradable)
Over 41 Boxes open = Coolish Snickers M -IK, Zodiac Pin II 1000 (Tradable)
Top 10 Box Openers : Coolish Velcro Gloves M -IK, and Coolish Washing Cap M -IK (Tradable)

Extra Event #1 - Open 200 Boxes or more and you will also receive : UV Coolish Vintage Pique polo M -KP, UV Coolish Boots-cut Pants M -KP and Zodiac Pin III 2000 along with other prizes you qualify for.

Extra Event #2 - Exchange Event will be starting along with the release of the new Fashion Box V. 
One of the items you can get from the exchange event is our
brand new Zodiac Pin III series!

Please visit NPC Meriel to exchange your items! 

See below for the Exchange Event table.
Exchange Materials Exchange Result
Odin Pin III 1000 x 1
Thor Pin III 1000 x 1
Loki Pin III 1000 x 1 
Zodiac Pin III 1000 x 1 
Odin Pin III 2000 x 1
Thor Pin III 2000 x 1
Loki Pin III 2000 x 1 
Zodiac Pin III 2000 x 1
Odin Pin II 1000 x 1
Thor Pin II 1000 x 1
Loki Pin II 1000 x 1 
Zodiac Pin II-A 1000 x 1
Odin Pin II 2000 x 1
Thor Pin II 2000 x 1
Loki Pin II 2000 x 1 
Zodiac Pin II-A 2000 x 1
The prizes DO NOT ACCUMULATE, so you will only gain the prize for the category you are in. For example, if you open 48 boxes on your account you will gain one Coolish Snickers M -IK and Zodiac Pin II 1000.  
*NOTICE: This event's winners will NOT be divided by server, 10 total winners for top prize
So that's it! All you need to do to win these items is open boxes :)
Event starting on 8/16/2012 at 11:00AM (11:00:00 server time)
Event ending on 8/21/2012 at 3:00PM (15:00:00 server time)
*NOTICE: All prizes will be distributed automatically during our next scheduled maintenance on August 21st!
Let us know if you have any questions via the DQ&A board.
Have a great weekend!yes
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