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BoGo Sales!!

Date Jun 19, 2012 Views 6,873
Jun 19, 2012 11:00 ~ Jun 22, 2012 15:00
Hello Shot Online Community! 

We will be holding a couple of special sales on, 

- Fitting Tickets

- Fitting Reset Tickets

- Recovery Ticket

Club Repair Ticket

- Fitting Plus Ticket 

When you buy a fitting ticket or a recovery ticket, you will automatically get another one for FREE! 
(Buy one & Get one FREE!)
Don't miss this chance to add additional stats to your clubs!!
>> Fitting Tickets << 
Fitting Ticket For Power Stat
 Fitting Ticket For Impact Stat
 Fitting Ticket For Skill Stat
Fitting Ticket For Stamina Stat

>> Fitting Reset Tickets <<

Fitting Reset Ticket For Power Stat 
Fitting Reset Ticket For Impact Stat 

Fitting Reset Ticket For Skill Stat 
Fitting Reset Ticket For Stamina Stat 

>> Recovery, Plus, Repair <<

Fitting Recovery Ticket

 Fitting Plus Ticket
Has your Fitting Ticket recently failed, but you want that used slot back to retry another Fitting Ticket? The Recovery Ticket will help free up that lost spot due to a failed Fitting Ticket.
NOTE: You can ONLY purchase these items from the web item mall! 
Sale Period:
Start: 6/019/2012 11:00:00
End: 6/22/2012 15:00:00

We hope you enjoy the special BoGo sales on these items!

Shot-Online team