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Gold Platinum Membership (1 month)

1 month


  • Subtotal : 3,620 CC
  • Your account : 100 CC
  • After purchasing : -3,520 CC


The prestigious Gold Platinum Membership comes with many desirable bonuses!

Note: This membership will last 30 days from the date of purchase
Benefits (Function)
1) 3x Experience from courses
2) 2x NG from courses
3) 50% off repair fees
4) Free Driver and EXP Putter from NPC Melias
5) Green fees for yourself are totally free PLUS 50% discount for a companion's greens fee

NOTE: Discounted Mastery Mode Green Fees
6) 10% discount on item prices from NPC vendors.
(This does not include items from the item mall)
7) Locker fee is free
8) Trade fee is free (trade between gold+/gold platinum is free)
9) User may define custom skins game bets
10) The Gold Platinum memberships allow access to one more lockers! (Total 4 lockers)
11) Give an exclusive slot for gold platinum members.
* You can equip Zodiac/Mageia items on it. (Permanent stat item like Cleo and Odelia cannot be put here)
12) Increase the limit of auction registrations by 8

Benefits (Items)
1) 3,000,000 NG
2) 1x Mageia Plus N4 (100 hole)
3) 3x Skill fitting tickets
4) 3x Power fitting tickets
5) 1x Recovery ticket
6) 1x Wallet Exchange Ticket 30Days
7) 1x FF Ticket II (250 hole)
8) 1x Accessory - Sunglasses (100 hole)
9) 1x HIO challenge ticket II (10)
10) 4x Extension Ticket 3 days
11) 2x Zodiac plus 100
12) 1x Club Repair ticket

- Tradable
- Not Equipable
- You may only posses one at a time.