EVENT 1Water Balloon

Fill in the Water Balloon! The more you fill in, the better the rewards!


  1. 1) Achieve birdies or better by completing rounds in game! Every birdie will count as 1 Water Drop
  2. 2) Log-in to the website and check how much the Water Balloon has filled!
  3. 3) The more Water Drops filled in the Water Balloon, the better rewards you can receive
  4. 4) Collaborate with players in order to fill in the Water Balloon completely!
  5. 5) Complete Holecount Events and collect random drop boxes along the way to collect Water Drop Tickets!
  6. 6) Submit the Tickets to NPC Ceridwen to exchange them with bonus rewards!


Current Birdies
Required Birdies to reach
0 (100%)


My Submitted Water Drop Tickets 0
Box Composition
Bonus Reward I One Point Lesson Ticket 500
Bonus Reward II Ambrosia 40% 10 , Theurgia P70 18
Bonus Reward III Ambrosia 50% 10 , Mageia N7 18 , Brooch [30%/30%] 18

How to play

  1. 1) Achieve Birdies or better to fill in the Water Balloon

    • - For every Birdie or better achieved through all courses, you will be able to add 1 drop to the Water Balloon
    • - Rewards can be collected for every 10% filled.
    • - You will be able to collect the rewards according to how much water drops have filled in the water balloon!
  2. 2) Complete Holecount Events!

    • - By completing daily Holecount Events, you will be able to collect up to 16 Water Drop Tickets per day!
    • - These tickets do not directly count towards the Water Balloon count. Instead, you can exchange rewards with the tickets collected!
    • - The details regarding the event are as followed:
    Course Mode No. of Birdies Reward
    Gladsheim, Forneus, Rufus Arena, Abel Plena, Cadeiger, Gleiger, Hyundai Song Gia, Fensalir, Volcano, Wattsu All Modes 5 3 Water Drop Tickets
    10 5 Water Drop Tickets
    15 8 Water Drop Tickets
  3. 3) Collect Drop Boxes!

    • - During the Event Period, we will be replacing the drop boxes from courses to Water Drop Ticket Box!
    • - You will be able to collect 1~3 Water Drop Tickets per box.
    • - The Water Drop Ticket Box can be found through playing any course, any mode!
    • - The Water Drop Ticket Box drop rate is random. Keep playing and collect as much Water Drop Tickets as you can!
    • - The number of rewards able to exchange is unlimited. Keep collecting and keep exchanging!


  1. 1) Unless the rewards for filling in the Water Balloon is a bonus buff, you must click on the Receive Reward button in order to get
    compensated through participating the event
  2. 2) Rewards that are bonuses or buffs will be applied after being checked during office business hours.
    1. ① If the percentage is reached on Friday or during weekends, the bonus or buff will start from the upcoming Monday.
      Starting time will be separately announced.
    2. ② If the percentage is reached during the weekdays other than Friday, the bonus or buff will start from the next day. Starting time will be separately announced.
    3. ③ Bonus CC will be applied during the weekend sales from August 16th to August 19th.
  3. 3) There is no limit to the number of Water Drop Tickets able to submit. You can submit as much Water Drop Tickets as you
    want during the event!
  4. 4) You can receive the reward whenever you want during the event.
    Note that you will not be able to receive un-received rewards once the event is concluded.
  5. 5) After the event, all remaining Water Drop Tickets will be collected during the next maintenance.