Season's Greetings - Complete Xmas Bingo!

Event Period: Dec 11 2018 (after maintenance) to Jan 8 2019

  1. 1. Participate in Xmas bingo by completing in-game missions!
  2. 2. You will receive rewards every time you complete a bingo row (horizontal/vertical ONLY).
  3. 3. You will also receive additional rewards according to the number of bingos you get.
  • Bingo missions can be done only once per account. Also, rewards can be received only once per account.
  • If your co-player didn’t complete the entire mission, you may still complete it on your own.
    However, even if the mission fails, your completed-mission data will not change.
  • An 18-hole mission can be completed only if you finish all 18 holes, regardless of whether you complete the
    mission in the middle of the round.
  • If mission details are the same (course, mode, no. of co-players, hole), you need to finish the currently active mission first.
  • Among the missions, there are those that only count individual scores and also those that count all co-players’ scores.
    (If the mission only counts individual scores, it’s not displayed.)
  • Rewards (non-tradable items) will be sent to the virtual locker.
  • Additional bonus rewards can be claimed after you receive bingo rewards.
  • Please claim the rewards before the event ends, as they will not be available once it is over.